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- i'd burn alive to keep you warm - [entries|friends|calendar]

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idn [23 Aug 2004|11:55am]
well, these last weeks of summer have been really crazy.
last weekend i ended up going up north unexpectedly, i just took some clothes and hopped on the greyhound and headed on up north.
i wanted to go see a certain someone.
i thought i could talk things out and make shit better.
but i guess not, the trip was ok and walking around downtown s.f was awesome.
but than shit got lame and it didn't work out like i thought it would.
i really thought it was gonna be easy.i guess i'm stupid for thinking i could work shit out.yup

so i got back tues. morning like at 5:30
chilled at home all weeek,got some sleeep.
got my shit together.
watched some movies.

this weekend we went to ocean beach san digeo!
ocean beach is the best, there's so many chill people there and hott ass fucking girls so that was cool.
o.b has a bunch of rhasta stoner people its awesome do0od3r.
so yeah, charles and i walked around ocean beach asking people that looked like stoners if they knew where we can get some herb, we finnaly got some bud and walked smoked a blunt on the beach and just rode bikes around.
than we went to Downtown San Diego to go eat, fuck it's the best there too
there was soo many people just waking on the street all late at night.
the sidewallks were seriously full with people all the barhoppers and the drunk girls hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i got some pictures ill post them later on
yesterday we went to SeaWorld walked around you know,looked at the animals walked around some more, got a stamp to get out of the park found my dads truck and sat there and smoked went back in the park and did some more walking.
SeaWorld is fucking tiring dooood, but it's worth it when your high and checking out the girls.
umm IDN what else to write so i'm gonna go
later on brah
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faggots. [30 Jul 2004|12:39am]
well since everyone started acting like they were five,even myself at a point,no more comments for that last entry.

im the only one thats gets what we are, when we are.

brian says hello.
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yeah faggots. [26 Jul 2004|12:51am]

hell yeah! [03 Jul 2004|10:33pm]
your jealous i know it.

i miss justine,she's in South Carolina
come back!!!!
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summer 2004 [02 Jul 2004|07:00pm]
so this summers been alright, i'm staying with my friend Charles probably most of the summer.
nothing that really exciting has happened.
just the usual shows,partys,herb
hopefully i'll be going to the beach more often, i haven't really been going
i'm soo close to it and i take it for granted i need to go body boarding more!!!!!!!!
i need a job too!
i'm soo broke right now it sucks,BUZZKILL!

uhh i don tknow what else to wr ite so if anyone wants to hang out this summer, leave me a comment!
i need something to do!!!!

here's a new pics of meCollapse )
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dayummmmmmmmmmm [04 Apr 2004|04:46pm]
penelope cruz is so fucking hott!
shes my favorite.
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